Quench Bar x Casamigos Fall Margaritas

Quench Bar x Casamigos Fall Margaritas

Excluding GST/HST

Right in time for Halloween!

Includes all ingredients to make 12 cocktails

8oz Magia Negra

  • Cranberry, maple syrup, lime juice, spicy ginger beer, orange liqueur, Casamigas blanco

8oz Truco O Trato

  • Pomegranate, edible gold dust, vanilla, green cardamom, lime, orange liqueur, Casamigos blanco

8oz El Diablo

  • Apple cider, spiced maple syrup (cloves, cinnamon, star anise & orange zest), lime juice, orange liqueur, Casamigos blanco


- 12oz Bottle of Casamigos Blanco ($44.00 value)

- Casamigos branded glassware (one limited edition ceramic mug, one plastic mason jar with lid)

- Customized drink garnishes and drink toppers

- Delivery within the GTA (All M* starting postal codes)